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Alien Isolation


I just have to ask.
When I started playing and met Samuels I said to myself “He’s a robot”
Someone made a recommendation to me, to watch Markiplier play, and when he first met Samuels he said the exact same thing. “He’s a robot”.
So… Anyone else who’s played/playing the game who thought the same?

Playing it now…I said the same thing to myself. Not finished yet , so going to have to wait and see. .

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inquisitor: hey morrigan so i heard you can go through mirrors and like, i don’t know, leave this world behind or something
inquisitor: and, i don’t know, i was just thinking—
burning demon: *runs past*
breach in the veil: *burbles ominously*
angry dragon: *roars and sets shit on fire*
legions of helpless strangers: INQUISITOR WE NEED YOU
inquisitor: how does that mirror thing work, exactly?
inquisitor: i’m gonna need step by step instructions

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Reblog if it’s okay to start talking to you.

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Commander Cullen.

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i drew two very similar versions of the same pose and i made one of them vaas and i made the other one ganondorf and like

they both

look pretty good, good enough to clean up and finish???

but they’re like

the same pose

and it’d be awkward to put two pictures of basically the same pose up 

what should i do

i want to see them and I’m sure that i’m not the only one..

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happy birthday to gaytiburones

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I have such a crush on him it’s unreal

who  is he?

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what movie is this from?

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inquisitor:maker guide my hand
inquisitor:[grabs dorian's ass]
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i  always mute this part .=)




i  always mute this part .=)

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People in the Circles should really learn better pick-up lines, srsly.

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"Alien: Isolation is awful because the Xenomorph keeps killing me!"



i have the game ,just working up the courage to start playing it..:D

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Fancy dress Dorian Pavus. I really hope you can bring him along to the Orlesian Ball.


Fancy dress Dorian Pavus.

I really hope you can bring him along to the Orlesian Ball.

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my voice thou  :D

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